Privacy & security in the digital world

I haven’t had much time yet with this homepage but this is an interest of mine so more will come for certain. Most posts (currently all post actually) are far from finished.

I use the tag #Question in the text to remind me of things to look up further and to ask for help from readers. You can write comments at the end of each page. When I find an answer I either change the text or just write the answer with the tag #Answer below the question. Other tags (to find them for my own sake): #Todo.

My main focus on this homepage is to find and gather information on secure messaging and social media that respect users privacy and gives the option of  both encryption and anonymity for those who want/need it, since there are lots of situations where that need is completely legitimate. Primarily I am looking for free open source solutions. There are many examples of really good free and open source software like Linux, Mozilla Firefox web browser, Signal Private Messenger etc, so it is actually possible to have both free and private, where you are not the product in advertising etc.

I am fed up with all the ongoing and increasing tracking, data mining, targeted advertising, privacy invasion, lies on to what extent we are traced (Facebook, NSA among others) etc. I think privacy is a basic human right! And also a need for well being and good relations! To respect the choice and need for privacy of others. Of course there is a problem with encryption and anonymity used to do crime but there are also lots of information from well known security experts who explain the problem with the “NSA approach” of collecting information from everyone (I will link to that later on). Well, not to speak of Russia, China and so on… And Facebook, Google…